What are the components of the small flat photovoltaic solar mounting brackets?

May 07 , 2021

Generally, the installation of small flat photovoltaic brackets is mainly divided into three main components, which are triangle beam bracket, cross beam bracket and vertical bracket, the main purpose of which is to form a certain angle with the irradiation surface. The other installation parts also include load-bearing parts, diagonal braces, tie rods, pressure blocks, hinges, bolts, connectors, etc.

①Solar triangular beam bracket includes two types of longitudinal and transverse (back beam, inclined beam, low beam). The general material is flat steel.

②The beam support generally has a compressive effect. Generally, aluminum alloy C-shaped steel is used to select the aperture according to the application.

③The vertical support can generally be the back beam of the triangular beam frame, or it can be designed separately.

④Other connection solar mounting structures mainly help the bracket to be fixed. In the installation process, the solar triangular bracket is fixed by the combination of the link and fixed with other cross beams, but the following points are worth noting. It is necessary to add a stop component when the beam is connected to the support frame. If necessary, tie rods can be used to connect the beams, and the tie rods and diagonal braces can be installed according to the size of the span. When the beam is too long, it needs to be fixed by connecting pieces and bolts.

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