Things That You Need to Know about Solar Panel Roof Mounts

May 27 , 2021

The solar panel roof mounts are the most popular solar solution by now. There is some thing you need to take into consideration when you are going to mount panels on your rooftop.

First, whether a roof is suitable for solar or not. One important requirement need to be satisfied. One is the direction the roof face, it is very important, because it refers to the sunlight in the daytime. Before you do solar panel installation, you can consult with a professional installer.

Second, no matter what roof you have, the installation company can finish the solar mounting system on your rooftop. No matter it is a metal roof, tile roof or flat roof, they can use different solar mounting brackets to attach the solar panels on your roof top.

Thirdly, need or need not penetrate the rooftop. For concrete flat roof, you can choose ballasted solar panel flat roof mounting system to avoid to penetrate the rooftop. Tile roof solar panel mounting system requires without penetrate on rooftop. For standing seam metal roof solar mount, the standing seam metal roof clamp can complete the installation without penetrating, for other types, even if it has to penetrate the rooftop, the solar mounting system come with accessories to make it waterproof.

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