Solar PV Module Clamp

Jun 23 , 2021

Solar panel clamp includes solar mid clamp and solar end clamp.

Crystalline silicon solar module compression code--crystalline silicon solar mounting accessories, crystalline silicon solar photovoltaic mounting accessories, solar module clamps, solar module center clip, solar module double-sided clip, solar module double-sided clamp

Material: high-strength aluminum alloy AL60605-T5

Application size: 30-50mm or customized

Surface treatment: Anodized, 8~10μm

Scope of application: the solar panel clamps are suitable for most crystalline silicon solar modules, applied solar ground or roof mounting systems

10-year warranty and 20-year service life

Our company can customize and produce solar panel clamps according to customer’s requirement.

The solar panel mounting clamps are applied solar panel ground or roof installation, fixing the pv modules with solar racking.

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