Solar Grounding Bonding Copper Jumper

The solar grounding copper jumper is used for grounding between rail splice of PV mounting structures.

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Description of Solar Grounding Copper Jumper

The Solar Bonding Jumper is constructed of corrosion resistant tin plate, stainless steel screw bolt and braid copper wires, it is high quality solution for the PV racking system. The solar mounting structures are usually constructed from two shorter sections, it is necessary to make an electrical splice with Solar Grounding Jumper. It creates an electrical connection between electrically metals which have been spliced. The solar grounding copper jumper plays an important role in the solar electronic equipment.

Features of Solar Grounding Copper Jumper

1.We have standard length 200mm in stock, but customized length is acceptable too.

2.We offer the products with or without installation hardware as customer requests.

3.The product can be provided with T-bolt and flange

Parameter of Solar Grounding Copper Jumper

Item Number: BRC012

Material: Copper, stainless steel, and aluminum nut. Also, we can use T-bolt if customer requests. Color: Natural color

Length: Standard in 200mm, customized length is available

Application: Solar panel grounding system

Solar Grounding Copper Jumper

Application of Solar Grounding Copper Jumper

Solar Grounding Copper Jumper

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