Reasons for the Popularity of Aluminum PV Solar Panel Mounting Brackets

Jun 16 , 2021

Why the aluminum solar panel mounting brackets is more popular than other material, there are some reasons.

Firstly, the surface of the aluminum solar mounting structures are anodized, after anodized, an oxide film is formed, it will reduce the contact between the air and the surface of aluminum solar mounting structures. The surface treatment of aluminum solar racking can be also sprayed or frosted too.

Secondly, the processing methods of aluminum profile are diversified, that can accelerate the production speed to shorten the production period. Most of the solar racking components are assembled before shipment that will short installation time.

Thirdly, after installation, the aluminum solar panel mounting brackets do not need to be maintained in large stage, do not need to check regularly, which reduce the investment of labor cost.

Fourthly, most of solar panel mounting brackets are assembled before shipment and no need punching or drilling, which makes the installation easy and quick.

Finally, even the solar panel mounting brackets are connect by solar panel mounting accessories, but the connection strength is high and it is not affected by environment. So the solar panel mounting brackets is strong and have a long use time and good stability.

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