How to Make the Solar Panel Mounting System be Waterproof?

Jul 08 , 2021

The roof can be divided into tile roof, concrete flat roof and metal roof. Make the solar panel roof mounting systems waterproof is an important issue. Then how to deal with the waterproof problem when the solar mounting brackets is installed on the rooftop?

Firstly, for concrete flat roof solar panel mounting systems, when setting the base of PV modules, waterproof layer should be laid on the top of the base and the embedded parts of the solar mounting brackets. Or using ballasted solar panel flat roof mounting system to avoid damage of rooftop.

Secondly, for metal roof solar panel mounting system, if it is standing seam metal sheet, can use standing seam solar panel clamp as base to avoid penetrating the metal sheet. If it need to drill into metal sheet, it can use rubber patch under metal roof clamps to avoid leaking.

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