How to install solar system at home-The Complete Guide

Apr 08 , 2022

Have you ever thought how your home appliances will operate normally if there is a sudden power outage?

You may also want to install solar roof or ground mounting structure system at home to enjoy green energy and reduce your home's electricity consumption. Even just trying to even just want to sell electricity to the utility.

But unfortunately, you have no idea what materials to use, what solar mounting structure is suitable, or the budget to install.

Manufacturer of solar roof brackets: Five steps to teach how to install solar system at home yourself.

Let's dive right in!

First step: Confirm the PV roof system area and mounting type.

The roof area will help to calculate the solar panel quantity. About the mounting structure type, it has the roof and the ground.

For the roof mounting structure, common are solar tile roof mounting systems, PV tin roof mounting, fixing tilt roof mount racking, and so on. For the ground mounting structure, there are ground screw racking or concrete base solar mounting structure.

Today, Let's shift focus to:

*solar tile roof mounting structure ,most use solar aluminum hook, mid end clamps, solar rail and so on.

solar tile roof racking

*Ground screw mounting system, most use hot dip galvanized ground screw, PV rails, aluminum brackets and so on.

Second step: Solar power generation system design

After determining the PV installation area, then it is the revenue issue that our users are most concerned about.

After obtaining the capacity, professionals will make a corresponding analysis according to the actual local lighting area, lighting time, and other conditions.

Finally, the annual power generation, investment cost, subsidy cost, and rate of return of the rooftop solar photovoltaic power station are obtained.

Third step: Collect the solar mounting racking information.

A.For the solar tile roof mounting structure, the necessary information is as below:

  1. Solar panel specification and quantity.

    If not confirmed, will according to your household load to design.

  2. Max wind and snow load in your area.

    This information is to keep the system functioning properly in any weather.

    If unsure, you can provide the install city, we will be based on past cases in the region as reference.

  3. How to display the panels? Horizontal or vertical?

    It is decided by the terrain layout.

    Regards the solar panel, it’s installed facing south normally. It will be more beneficial for light absorption.

    And in terms of cost, vertical arrangement saves track usage compared to horizontal.

  4. The size of tile roof.
  5. Roof beam distance.

B.For the ground screw mounting structure, the necessary information is as below:

  1. Solar panel specification/size, and the panel quantity.
  2. Geological report of the installation site.

    The degree of ground friction determines the type of ground screw.

  3. The max. Wind and snow load.

  4. How to display panels? Horizontal or vertical?

  5. Mounting angle.

  6. Clearance from ground to the panel.

Fourth step: Local on-grid apply

Must bring your relevant documents to the application department to go through the relevant procedures.

Another point to note is that the power company is not allowed to charge any fees after the grid-connection application is successful.

Users in many areas have responded that the power company charges related fees for various reasons, which is illegal, and we can protect our rights and interests by complaining.

Fifth step: Solar mounting structure installation

  • The complete installation steps of Solar PV Tile Roof Mounting Installation

  • The complete installation steps of Solar Ground Screw Mounting Installation


  • What is On-grid or off-grid system?

The advantage of on-grid solar system is that the electricity can be sold to the utility, and it can work without batteries.

If want to sell the electricity to the utility, on-grid solar system is the best choice.

In contrast to the off-grid solar system, its advantage is that it can store energy, and can supply the load to work normally in the event of an emergency power outage. and must connect the batteries.

If you are in a relatively remote area, the power is unstable and the power outage occurs for a long time, off-grid solar system is your best choice.


As you seen, it takes only five steps to solve the sudden power failure, enhance energy productivity, creativity and overall wellbeing of people.

You should yearn and get one.
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