How to effectively extend the service life of solar panel mounting brackets?

Mar 29 , 2021

Ground photovoltaic system is generally adopts a concrete strip (block) foundation form. The challenges faced by the design of solar panel mounting brackets, the most important feature of the assembly components of any type of solar panel mounting brackets design is weather resistance. The solar mounting structure must be sturdy and reliable, able to withstand atmospheric erosion, wind load and other external effects. Safe and reliable installation, minimum installation cost to achieve maximum use results, almost maintenance-free, reliable maintenance, these are important factors that need to be considered when making a choice. Highly wear-resistant materials are used in the solution to resist wind and snow loads and other corrosive effects. Comprehensive use of aluminum alloy anodizing, ultra-thick hot-dip galvanizing, stainless steel, anti-UV aging and other technical processes to ensure the service life of solar mounting brackets and solar tracking.

At present, the common foundation forms of solar panel support at home and abroad are cement foundation and spiral pile foundation. Cement-based photovoltaic brackets usually use independent foundations or strip foundations, and the production methods are prefabricated or cast-in-place. Its outstanding advantages are low steel consumption and basically not restricted by geological conditions. The photovoltaic bracket has excellent anti-corrosion performance and potential safety hazards.

solar panel mounting brackets

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