Solar Roof Mounting Bracket-Solar Roof Hook

Jun 09 , 2021

Bristar design and manufacture tile roof solar mounting systems. We also offer solar mounting components separately. Our product of solar roof hook is universal and very popular. The stainless steel solar hook is made of high grade SUS304, it is anti-corrosion and in good quality.

We offer S tile solar roof hook which is most common to use in solar tile roof mounting systems. The solar roof hook comes with needed hardware that makes the installation simple and easy. Firstly, fix the stainless steel solar hook on the wood rafters with screws, then mounting aluminum solar roof rails on the top of hooks, fixing them with bolts and nuts, finally fasten the solar panels on aluminum solar roof rail by solar panel clamps.

We also offer adjustable solar hook which you can adjust the height in a range that makes it flexible to use in different installation. The adjustable solar hook is very popular in market worldwide too.  

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