Solar Panel Mounting Mid Clamp & End Clamp

May 28 , 2021

In any kind of solar panel mounting systems, we need to use the solar panel clamps to fix PV modules to the rails.

The types and thickness of solar panels determine the sort of PV solar panel clamps that are used. Usually, for framed solar panels, thick of 30-50mm is the most commonly used. We offer the solar panel mounting clamps for the framed modules in any thickness. We provide them with or without screw bolt and nut. Also, we provide adjustable solar end clamp for your choice.

Our styles of framed mid clamp and end clamp are widely used in any kind of solar panel mounting systems.

Framed Solar Panel Clamps

For frameless solar panels also called thin film solar panels, this kind of panels comes without aluminum frame, usually, the thickness of thin film panels are 5-10mm. We offer Frameless Solar Panel Mounting Clamps for the thin film panel mount. The Glass Solar Panel Clamps are comes with rubber patch in middle part to fix the panels and protect the panels too.

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