Metal Roof Solar Panel Mounting Systems

Jul 01 , 2021

Metal roof sheet is a steel formed by cold pressing or cold rolling of thin tin plate. The steel plate adopts organic coating thin steel plate (or color steel plate), galvanized thin steel plate, anti-corrosion thin steel plate (including asbestos asphalt layer) or other thin steel plates.

The profiled steel plate has the advantages of light unit weight, high strength, good seismic performance, fast construction, and beautiful appearance. It is a good building material and component, mainly used for enclosures, floors, and other structures.

Roof color steel tiles are generally divided into: vertical seam type, bite type (angle chi type) type, buckle type (concealed buckle type) type, and fixed connection (open nail type) type. To finish metal roof solar panel mounting systems, we have below picture shows metal roof solar panel clamps to meet different tin roof sheet request.

When installing photovoltaic solar panel mounting brackets on the color steel tile roof, the shape of the color steel tile and its load-bearing capacity should be fully considered to determine the solar mounting bracket fixing method.

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