Five Steps To Teach How to install solar panels on tile roof

May 24 , 2022

Roof mounting is the best most popular place for solar panel installation. The solar industry now has mounting solutions for all roof types, including tile roof solar mount, flat concrete roofs and tin roofs.

This blog will teach you to install solar panels on clay roof tile solar mount in 5 steps.

clay roof tile solar mount

  1. Pre-Installation Inspection and Measurement
  2. Removing Tiles
  3. Solar panel mounting brackets for tile roof
  4. Fitting the solar rail structure
  5. How to install the solar panel on tile roof

Pre-Installation Inspection and Measurement

The first step in any safe and cost-effective installation is taking measurements, especially for clay roof tile solar mount. The team will assess your roof and determine the best place for installation based on the available space, pitch, and orientation. From here, they will Mark the number and location of mounting hooks.

Removing Tiles

  • Use professional tools to uncover tiles
  • Lift up the tile that needs to install the hook and cut the insulation layer.
  • Confirm the punching position and punch the hole
  • Use a blower to clean up the dust produced by punching
  • Fill the drilled holes with silicone, insert expansion bolts (M6/M8)
  • Fill the bolt mouth with silicone again, then install the hook and fix the nut.

But you must ensure the edges where the roof tiles meet the shingle seals shut. You don’t want water doesn’t permeate into your roof, causing unwanted leaks or damage.

solar panel mounting brackets for tile roof

After securing the hooks, the removed tiles are put back into their original position. To ensure the tiles sit flush and the roofs integrity is maintained, the tiles will be sanded or cut to fit the newly installed brackets.

Fitting the solar rail structure

Once the brackets are fixed, its time to install the rail racking. Aluminum rails are placed across the tile roof and fixed to the brackets; these rails are the anchor point for the solar panels. Note that the rails are at the same height.

How to install the solar panel on tile roof solar mount

After the basic of tile mounting, its time to fit the panel on the roof. The solar panels are connected by the mid clamps between every two panels.

These seemingly complicated installations are actually very helpful for uninstallation and maintenance.

tile roof solar mount

If you have doubts about installing solar panels on your clay roof tile solar mount, dont worry help is just an email away! Were glad to help you choose the right hardware and solar panels for your specialty roof and will support you throughout your solar installation with great detail and care!

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