Big benefits! U.S. will not impose new tariffs on imported solar products for two years

Jun 07 , 2022

On June 6, local time, the White House suddenly announced heavy news that Biden in accordance with the "Defense Production Act", gave solar cells from Cambodia, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Thailand a 24-month tariff exemption. The White House said the United States will allow more clean energy projects to be deployed on public lands and expand to urban and rural areas; it will also invest in dozens of solar projects in Puerto Rico.

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Meanwhile, the United States is on track to triple its solar power capacity by 2024, the White House statement said.


Affected by this news, Sun work (SUNW.US) collectively rose sharply, Array Technologies rose nearly 26%, Shoals Technologies rose more than 21%, Sunrun rose more than 15%, SunPower rose nearly 9%, and Enphase Energy rose the highest Up 9.7%; JinkoSolar (15.730, 0.25, 1.61%) rose as much as 10.7%, and Canadian Solar rose as much as 9.8%.


In addition to the solar photovoltaic industry, some existing U.S. tariffs on China are also expected to be lifted.


On June 5, Eastern Time, U.S. Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo said in the latest interview that President Biden has asked the Commerce Department to consider canceling some of the tariffs that former President Trump imposed on China to deal with the current high inflation.


In the face of the inflation rate that continues to explode, Biden is under great pressure. He has made it clear many times that fighting inflation is the current top economic task. He is currently considering the cancellation of some tariffs on Chinese goods, and the removal of tariff barriers is also "under study".


Withal, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and MOFCOM both responded that they have noticed a series of recent statements by the United States about considering the cancellation of additional tariffs on China. China's position on this issue is consistent. Removing tariffs on China is not only in the interests of Chinese and American companies but also in the interests of American consumers.

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