Basic Steps for Installation of Solar Panels on A Rooftop

Jun 04 , 2021

There are few basic steps for installation of solar panel on a rooftop. You need to keep in mind that depending on your roof, these steps might be changed. Different types of rooftop requests different solar roof mounting systems, such as tile roof solar mounting system, metal roof solar mounting system and so on. It is always best to ask your installer questions that related to your solar panel roof mounting system. The solar panel roof installation includes steps that below listed:

1.Place solar mounting rails on rafter

2.Drill holes into the roof rafters

3.Fix the solar mounting rails with solar metal roof clamps or solar hooks and seal the area needed

4.Fasten the solar panel to the solar mounting rails

5.Connect the solar panel to the electrical supply.

These steps sound easy, but it is quite difficult when do the installation, it might be even easier to cause damage to your rooftop. So you need to hire a professional installer for all solar panel installation work.

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